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  • December 10, 2022 6:57 am
  • Maharashtra, India

The Kaaba is said to have been built by Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) and his son Ismail (A.S) containing “The Hajre Aswad”, the centre of attraction for all Haji’s. For those who would like to book Umrah tour packages, it’s highly recommended that you begin planning at least a few months in advance to avail special prices. Umrah tour packages normally contain all the essential amenities required: transfers between places of worship, accommodation, food, ziyarat tours, etc that one might be interested in and are the best way to travel hassle-free. On an Umrah pilgrimage with tour organisers, one doesn’t need to worry about planning or organising things, rather can focus solely on the pilgrimage. To book your package visit our website https://bakhlatours.com/ or call us on +09920820751 .


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