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How To Register Your Trademark In Canada? 5 Easy Steps

Over the years, everyone has become aware that owning a valid Trademark Registration Canada offers significant value to the owner and the services or goods. A Canadian trademark registration comes with many benefits.

While trademark ensures that the exclusive rights for the trademark services belong to the owner to dismiss instances of infringement, registering a trademark in Canada opens up a way to approach millions of potential customers.

While the process of trademark registration Canada may seem complicated and hectic to approach, it is relatively not challenging as it may seem. Here are five simple steps one must follow to register a trademark symbol in Canada.

Choice Of The Mark

trademark will become the representation of your brand in the longer run. In Canada, slogans, logos, business names and even colour schemes can be registered under the trademarks act.

Thus, a strong mark is needed to obtain a CIPO trademark search in Canada. The trademark should be distinctive and separate your brand or business from the others already registered.

Hire An Attorney

You will very much require the help of an attorney to trademark registration Canada. The Canadian trademark search law specifies that one willing to register a trademark must have a Canadian address or work with a Canadian trademark agent.

Thus, having an attorney by your side is non-negotiable. The attorney or agent will ensure that all the Canadian trademark search law guidelines are followed and will Canada trademarks act as a catalyst in the process.

Trademark Search

It is essential to know that the Canadian Intellectual Property Office won’t accept your trademark registration application if your mark is similar to that of someone already in use.

Thus, before proceeding to file the application, one must conduct a comprehensive trademark search beforehand.

File The Application

Once your trademark search is over and no similar registered mark has been found, you can proceed to file the application to get your trademark registration Canada.

The most convenient and easiest way to file a trademark application in Canada is through the CIPO Trademark symbol website. Go to the CIPO website and submit your application along with the documents and application fee.

Once done, you will receive an application number, and you can finally proceed to the last step of trademark registration Canada.

Responding To CIPO

After the application for trademark registration is submitted through the CIPO Trademark Symbol website, you might be contacted several times by CIPO trademark search officials for several reasons.

One of these could include questions that the examiner has regarding your application or clarification they want in order to move your application forward.

You will get a formal notice if any issue in your application arises. You will need to file a response within six months of the issuance of the notice; otherwise, the application will get cancelled.


Getting a trademark registration Canada is not a complex process but requires an attorney’s helping hand.

The five steps, as mentioned above, describe the easiest way to register for a CIPO Trademark Search so that you can start protecting your brand in Canada today itself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Trademark Search Required Before CIPO Application?

Yes, trademark search is an essential part of the process you must go through before moving ahead on filing the trademark registration application at CIPO Trademark Search. Ignoring the trademark search can directly reject your application by CIPO Trademark Search.

What Is CIPO Trademark Search?

CIPO Trademark Search is the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, a body that conducts, holds, and empowers the process of trademark registration in Canada.

What Should I Do If CIPO Trademark Search Contacts Me After Filing The Application?

If CIPO Trademark Search contacts you after applying, you should provide explanations for the objections raised by the examiner with well descriptive inputs on the same. Moreover, you must file a reply before the next six months from the date of the notice, or else the application gets rejected automatically by the law.

How to Trademark a name in Canada?

To Trademark a name in Canada, you must submit a application in Canada’s Canadian Intellectual Property Office, which can be done through CIPO website.

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