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Google Web Stories

How to make money with Google Web Stories? and how much we can earn? Web Stories advertising is a revenue generation method that brands should definitely explore. Like Instagram ads, ad stories appear when a user is browsing through web stories on Google.

  There are some ad network tools like Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager.

They help you track and monetize your advertising stories. Google recommends using third-party tools like MakeStories. They provide you a platform for anything related to web stories.

Web stories are a progression of tappable, versatile streamlined, intuitive pictures or recordings. They are like stories on social media. The purpose of creating web stories is to provide concise information fast.

A brand has complete ownership of the concept and execution of web stories. There are no restrictions unlike social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Google introduced Web Stories, then known as AMP Stories, in 2015. This momentum was not gained nor continued. In recent times, social media stories have been a game-changer in user behavior. Google decided to relaunch AMP Stories as Google Web Stories in October 2020. Get familiar with Google Web Stories.

Benefits of Web Stories on Google

In addition to having complete ownership of the stories, hosting them on your website is a benefit! It helps you to reach a wider audience. You can also increase your SEO with easy indexing. Another advantage is that you can track the performance of your web stories on Google Analytics.

Types of Story Ads

Display Ads : These are ads that are used to drive traffic to the advertiser’s website. They can be in the form of images, video, text or audio.

Brand Deals : Create a personal story that looks like an advertisement. Do this by highlighting your product or service.

Affiliate Links : These ads are either accompanied by a call-to-action like ‘swipe up’. You can add this utilizing the page connection choice Online Story.

How Much We Can Earn from Google Web Story?

You can earn as much as you want from Google Web Story, you just need to do good work. Many people are still earning very well by using google web story, so you have earned and have fun.

People Also Ask : Question

Q. Can I earn money from Google website?

Ans. Absolutely right, yes you can earn well through Google website, you just need a good category and website and a little bit of hard work.

Q. Can I earn money from Google News?

Ans. Google News is viewed by millions of people today and those news articles get hundreds of thousands of clicks from all over the world.

Q. How do I submit a Google Web story?

Ans. Creating web story is very easy, the simple steps to create a web story ad are mentioned below:

  • Find the best & right tools for creating web stories and I prefer google web stories tool.
  • Choose your design
  • Add content
  • Publish story

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