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How to write Best SEO & Classified ads content

If you have ever had the need to place an ad, you have surely asked yourself the following question: How can I get my ad to be read by more people?

Write and place advertisements on the Internet

The basic rules of what to do and what not to do when writing an effective ad are quite simple and clear and do not require any special knowledge. Sometimes, common sense is the best weapon to be able to write a classified ad and publish it for free on the Internet in an effective way, so that we achieve our purpose sooner, and our ad is seen by more people.

Perhaps the main rule is that we have to be aware that the way we say things is as important or even more important than what we mean. And this, which is important in life, is much more so in a word ad, and when it comes to publishing classified ads on the Internet it becomes almost vital. For example, the following ads classified, perhaps the most famous ever written, doesn’t seem to invite a response, yet the number of people who responded was extraordinary.

“Men needed for a dangerous journey. Small salary, long months of complete darkness, polar cold, constant danger, chances of getting back safe and sound dubious. Honor and recognition in case of success.”

This classified advertising was placed in a newspaper to recruit men for one of the first expeditions to the North Pole. As you can see, indeed, at first glance, the ad doesn’t seem to invite a response: It offers very little and promises nothing.

Before you start writing your free classified, think not about what you want to say, but about the result you want to achieve. In the previous announcement, people with an adventurous spirit were sought, with a great capacity for suffering and sacrifice and whose main motivation was not economic benefit, but social recognition.

Here are some basic rules, based on the experience of great advertising professionals, to write ads and get the desired result.

Focus on the benefits to the buyer, rather than the features of the product or service itself.

Think that when you post the ad on the Internet it will be read by a person like you. Try to be personal and close. Think about each of the people who will read your ad and not all of them at once.

  • Put all your persuasive power in the title: an ad with a good title can multiply the number of people who read it tenfold.
  • Do not repeat what you put in the title in the body of the ad. Make the most of your space.
  • Do not abuse claim expressions such as unique occasion, extraordinary opportunity, the best offer, etc unless they are true.
  • Do not use expressions such as Total free, we give away, etc… when they do not correspond to reality. Feeling cheated does not like anyone.

The last sentence of the ad is your last chance to get the user to respond to your ad. The best endings are the ones that ask the user to do something. Before posting your ad on the Internet, read it, even take a few minutes and read it again. Try to do it as if you were one of your potential clients.

Let’s see, what makes an ad good:

  • Its originality.
  • The conciseness. It only uses two sentences.
  • It focuses on conveying a single message.
  • It is written in simple language that everyone understands.

Sure, making this announcement was not easy, it would probably take time for a group of professionals, but don’t worry, in your case you won’t need to reach this level of “creativity”.

So let’s get to work and see how we have to write our ad to publish it on the Internet. Normally our purchase and sale advertisements will be composed of three fundamental parts: The title, the description and the contact information.

How To Write A Good Title

There are over hundreds of free classified in USA, but to reach the audience, the title is very important because it is the first thing that users read, if its reading does not attract the attention of the reader, the ad will not be successful, that is clear. So what do we put in the title so that the reader wants to know more about what we offer?

  • The title must be short and clear and must be related to the content of the ad for free classified ads posting in USA.
  • Include in the title the two or three most important characteristics or keywords that describe what you are advertising. This is important so that when users use free classified on they will find your ad easily.
  • Do not put false, erroneous information or that leads to erroneous conclusions due to inaccuracy, omission or the like on free classified sites.

Below you have several real classified ad titles that are among the most read in each of their areas:

  • Flats for rent: Beautiful 1-bedroom apartment with sea views. Viewed more than 500 times in a month.
  • Sale of second hand cars: Land Cruiser 4×4. Few km. Very good care. Viewed more than 600 times
  • Transfer business: Transfer language academy in operation for not being able to attend. Viewed more than 250 times
  • Second-hand computers: I am selling an almost new Acer Aspire laptop, because I need a larger one. Viewed more than 200 times
  • Holiday rentals: Enjoy the best rural accommodation in California. Viewed more than 250 times
  • Looking for work: receptionist for a medical office in New York. Viewed more than 400 times

Do they seem plain or simple to you? Well, they are the most effective. By cons, here are some titles of the least visited ads:

How To Write A Good Description

Here we must tell the person reading the ad the benefits of our product or service in as much detail as possible, bearing in mind that the space we have is limited.

  • Explain why your product or service is better or different compared to others in its class.
  • Focus more on the benefits that the user obtains than on the characteristics of the product.
  • Speak directly to the person who is reading the ad. Instead of saying “ideal for people who like to enjoy the countryside” say “If you like the countryside, this is ideal for you”
  • Include the reason why you are selling the product or making the offer “I am selling all the furniture in my house due to a job transfer”
  • If you can, offer some kind of incentive: a discount, a gift, etc. For example, “I am selling a Yamaha 600 motorcycle…I give a helmet”
  • If you are still not sure what to put in the description, the easiest thing to do is to look at other ads that offer something similar to what you want to advertise.

The Last Sentence

Without a doubt, none of the above would be useful if in the end we do not tell the person who is reading the ad what to do if he is interested. From a simple ‘contact me’ to any of the following:

  • Don’t wait any longer, tomorrow may be too late.
  • Call now or regret it for life. For example, “I am selling a flat due to relocation… call now or regret it for the rest of your life”
  • Create a certain sense of urgency to get answers quickly. For example, “gift xxx if you call before the day xxxx”
  • Images
  • Don’t forget that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” So if you have, include an image next to the ad.

Contact details

Check as many times as you need that the contact details are correct. Put at least one email address or phone number; if you put both, better. The more options you give the buyer, the better.

I already have my ad written, what do I do now?

Mainly check that the ad says what you want it to say. Read it carefully, putting yourself in the place of the reader. And also, check that:

  • The sentences are short and easy to understand.
  • You have put in the title or in the body of the ad the keywords for which you want your ad to be found. Very important so that your ad appears in the searches that users make through the free classified ads posting in USA.
  • Your ad is written in a friendly, warm tone of sorts, “Between us I’d say”
  • That it complies with the publication regulations of the medium in which you are going to publish your ad.
  • It does not violate any of the points in the “What you should not do” section.

What not to do:

  • Put false, erroneous information in the title or that leads to erroneous conclusions due to inaccuracy, omission or the like
  • Using expressions that indicate or promote sexual, racial, religious discrimination or any other violation of fundamental rights and freedoms
  • Include content that violates legal or regulatory norms, that violates the right to honor and personal privacy or that incorporates violent or degrading content, messages or products
  • Use insults, profanity, racist, demeaning, sexist words, etc.
  • Advertise or incite demeaning, racist, sexist or illegal activities
  • Placing the repeated ad in the same section or in an inappropriate section.


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