• November 11, 2022 12:30 pm
  • California, United States (USA)

Is it thumps up or not for your Dog to Eat Raw Ground Beef?. Raw ground beef can be a very  good source of protein for your dog but there are many other health issues that comes along with it. experts of petscareadvice says that according to many health care org. salmonella food poisoning is the cause why is it no to the question ‘can dogs have raw ground beef?’!

These are the Symptoms of salmonella-

Increased Temperature of your Dog`s Body

The high fever is the most prevalent symptom of the salmonella temperature. Get your dog checked from a nearest pet care hospital.

Frequent vomiting

If your dog is frequently vomiting after eating raw ground beef then no need to check because it is for sure is salmonella.

Loss of Appetite

While it may like a  symptom of a common disease but it`s better to not to ignore and check it against salmonella.


Do not listen anyone who gives green flag to raw ground beef as a protein food. You are the owner and it`s your responsibility to focus more on research based facts rather than rumour for the health of your dog.


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