• November 17, 2022 10:53 am
  • Alaska, United States (USA)

Have you ever seen wild cat fighting? While watching a wild cat fight, a thought must have crossed your mind – why do the wild cats fight? Petscareadvice experts will solve this riddle of your mind for you. the reasons for wild cats fight are-

There is a Need to Teach them the do`s and don’t of Social Behavior

Cats are simply very poor at socializing. They have no idea of how to interact with their fellow cats. They get pissed off easily and handling it is tough.

They Believe in ‘ This is my Boundaries my Place’

wild cats mark their boundary with their scents and call it their territory. Wild cats fighting for their territory is pretty common as they hate the idea of sharing their place with other cats.

They have their Blood Boiled Always

Some wild cats are aggressive and can get pissed off with a very small and useless act of other cats. Wild cats pissing off and fighting are pretty common.

Mindlessly Playing Rough

Cat`s rough play can easily get converted into a big fight as cat playing is rough to the point that it becomes hard to differentiate whether they are playing or fighting.


The wild cat fighting can be intense, which can leave you wondering what can be the reason for their fight. The reasons for these intense fights are- poor social skills, mindless rough play, anger, and love for the territory.




Alaska,United States (USA)

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