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It was redemption day for Manchester United as Jadon Sancho and Marcus Rashford powered the Red Devils to a 2- 1 palm over Liverpool at Old Trafford. Man United looked like an inspired platoon after losing their first two matches, passing the ball around the demesne in the first 20 twinkles to lead to Sancho’s emphatic nature.

The intensity against an injured Liverpool platoon that has yet to win a game this season was hard to match as Erik ten Hag’s team made it the half with a one- thing lead. They were hanging on by the skin of their teeth as Lisandro Martinez made a thing- line concurrence to help a Bruno Fernandes own thing.  

Not to get perfunctory, ten Hag substituted on Anthony Martial for Anthony Elanga at the half and it paid tips. Martial supported United’s alternate thing in the 51st nanosecond. Mohamed Salah got one back after a shot attempt from Fabio Carvalho late but the game was out of reach. With the palm, United eventually kick- start the ten Hag period with three points in front of their home suckers, who were treated to Casemiro’s donation before the game, and their first thing from open play.  

Liverpool, meanwhile, are left to pick up the pieces after three games without a palm and a performance to forget at Old Trafford as they were outworked on every area of the pitch. Anthony Elanga rattling the post from the first whoosh should’ve been a wake- up call for the Reds. Sancho was latterly given too important time in the box.  

Trent Alexander- Arnold was targeted after getting a unheroic card for taking down Elanga and appeared to look like someone who was allowing doubly on just about every protective challenges available. Without the protection of Fabinho and with Joe Gomez making his first launch since April of 2022, the defense was in shambles.  

Manchester United vs. Liverpool score: Maguire will usher in the Ten Haag era in style!

Liverpool did they’ve attacking chances to try to steal a point on the road. They rattled off 17 shots but with Roberto Firmino not offering a trouble filling in for Darwin Nunez– who still has two further matches to serve in his head butt suspense– effects were too predictable and United managed to block everything in sight, leaving ten Hag rather upbeat in his postgame interview overseas.  

“We can talk about specialized, but it’s each about station. Now you see we bring the station on the pitch,” he said to Sky Sports. “There was communication, there was a fighting spirit and, especially, there was a platoon and you can see what they can achieve. Because they canf-ing play football.”  

When it comes to station, it’s important to note that captain Harry Maguire and the Portuguese pariah Cristiano Ronaldo were dropped from the starting lineup.  

The attack was extensive with willing runners to play the ball to while the defense was stout without demanding to accommodate Maguire’s lack of pace. With a many further performances like this, they could be supposed fat to conditions along with Luke Shaw after Tyrell Malacia contained Salah, who still managed to find the reverse of the net late in the proceedings.  

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Manchester United vs. Liverpool score: Maguire will usher in the Ten Haag era in style!


What a difference this frontal three makes

The triad of Sancho, Rashford, and Elanga/ Martial took care of all the necessary attacking damage to deliver a blow to Liverpool. Sancho and Rashford did the scoring while Elanga and Martial blabbed the assists. Rashford, in particular, was a man inspired with five shots as a central striker rather of his usual left sect position to accommodate Ronaldo.  

Martial created two chances when he came on while also aiding Rashford’s thing. But more importantly, Rashford still has confidence in his shot.  

They were also solid defensively tracking back to help Liverpool from overfilling the defense which is commodity that cannot be done with Ronaldo in the side. Important has been made about sprinting figures over the week after United were overrun by Brentford but grounded on the work rate they showed against Liverpool, ten Hag ball needs the platoon to sprint to make his system work.  

It does make me wonder if Casemiro will be asked to run when he’s introduced into the platoon since he is a different type of midfielder than McTominay but allowing him to sit deep could allow the platoon in front of him to be more extensive as well.  

Liverpool still reeling from Thiago’s absence

Liverpool are floundering to produce from deep which makes their crosses too predictable. Harvey Elliott got forward with four shots, but between him, Jordan Henderson and James Milner, only four chances were created.  

The only through ball of the day came from Alexander- Arnold as Liverpool were unfit to get the ball into space the way they would like to beat Manchester United over the top.  

Salah did what he could in attack, but before the transfer window closes it would make sense for the Reds to add another midfielder. Jude Bellingham has been a name linked to them but it may be hard to secure the services of a super youthful (19 times old), talented central midfielder with just over a week left in the transfer window.  

For now, a conformation change to a 4-2-3-1 to give further freedom to Elliott or Fabio could make sense. Carvalho seems like the stylish option to open up the attack, but that would probably bear moving Salah to center forward while dropping Firmino to the bench. It’s a lot of change for the Reds but a shakeup is demanded at this stage.  

A budding protective cooperation

Raphel Varane and Lisandro Martinez were emotional in defense for Manchester United. Between them, they made 16 concurrences as they attacked the ball. More importantly, they did not dive into tackles to make themselves vulnerable to the forthcoming Liverpool attack.  

Martinez’s expectation was also on full display as he blocked three shots in the game to cover David De Gea in net. Martinez had a rough launch being withdrawn at halftime of the Brentford match, but while he did less with the ball at his bases against Liverpool, he did not need important time on the ball to show his effectiveness.  

With Harry Maguire staying on the bench, the coming many matches will be important to see what his part is at Manchester United. The platoon captain could be transferred to the bench for the foreseeable future if the current back four continues to perform well.  

It will be quite a fall for Maguire and a blow to the England public platoon setup, but considering his platoon’s rearmost performances, it’s a change that might need to be.  

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  • Manchester United vs. Liverpool score:
  • Maguire will usher in the Ten Haag era in style!
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