• October 19, 2022 12:34 pm
  • North Carolina, United States (USA)

If you have been hurt at your workplace for any reason, including falling, slipping, lack of care, or negligence in maintaining the working area, we can help you get good compensation. Laura Jenkins North Carolina personal injury attorney  works for the benefit of blue-collar workers.

Typically, work injury cases get dismissed due to a lack of evidence or a proper medical report. But, you don’t have to go through the painful process of being denied compensation even after facing a serious accident at work.

Why should you rely on us?

  • We have 20+ years of experience in the niche
  • We can get the justice that you deserve
  • Our team of trained attorneys will ask the right questions and make your company realize their responsibilities

You can get in touch with us at – (919) 846-7766, and our email ID is


North Carolina,United States (USA)

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