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  • August 4, 2022 10:48 am
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Do you know how to do Registration of copyright online, here at Vidinyas Solicitors and Associates we will know what is copyright law in India, what is the process of applying online or offline, and what is the provision of punishment for violation of rules?

What is copyright law in India?

Do you know that whatever photo you click with your camera or design in any software, you have full rights over it?

Once you have claimed the copyright to your photo, then no one else can use that photo without your consent.

If still someone downloads and uses your photo from somewhere, then you can complain against him.

According to Section 25 of the Copyright Act, copyright protection of your photo is provided in India for a period of 7 years from the date you design your photo or click it with the camera.

That is, from the day you have designed your photo or clicked it with the camera, no one else can use your photo without your consent for 60 years.

But this will happen only if you have claimed the copyright for your photo.

Summing up the above, a career in the Vidinyas Solicitors and Associates and online registration seems beneficial for a law aspirant in the short and long run. While the perks include a good salary, the cons include work pressure and a pile of problem-solving in different litigation cases. As registration of copyrights, you can either get a job at a law firm like Registration of copyright at Vidhinyas Solicitors & Associates, or in an Intellectual “copyright” company like the MNCs


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