• October 17, 2022 5:49 am
  • New York, United States (USA)

Which dental laser does Dr. Saini use?​

Dr. Charu Saini is proud to offer Gemini dental laser treatment for periodontal disease to her patients in our clinic in Liverpool, NY. The Gemini Diode Laser is the first dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser made available in the United States. The unique dual wavelength technology of The Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser combines the optimal melanin absorption of an 810 nanometer wavelength laser with the optimal water absorption of a 980 nanometer wavelength laser.

In layman terms, use of the “state of the art” Gemini Laser allows Dr. Saini to perform complex dental surgical procedures accurately and effectively, providing the best outcome for our patients. Contact Mapleridge Children and Adult Dentistry at (315) 453-2084 to schedule your appointment today.

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