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TikTok has become a place where creators content freely. what is ‘period ahh’? And Who is TikToker Britt Barbie.

TIKTOK has come a place where generators can produce content freely and creatively.

Britt Barbie took a chance on herself when she turned her banner into a vial song.

Who’s TikToker Britt Barbie?

Britt Barbie is a TikTok creator known as@brittbarbie3 on the videotape- participating platform.

Barbie went viral in February 2022 after uploading a shocking videotape where she tells followers she no way knew hair grew from the crown.

Just set up commodity out, I no way knew that your hair grows from over then (pointing towards her crown), I no way knew that, she says in the viral videotape that gained over 400k views.

I always allowed that your hair grows from right then (pointing to the ends of her hair.)

Is there hair in my head? Like actually like in there? Where is it coming from? Like, I am spooked for real. I do not know. Is it like in my forepart?!

Britt Barbie is also well- known for adding the expression” Period Ahh” to the ends of her rulings while photographing content of her opening up arbitrary packages from suckers.

What’s Britt Barbie’s’ period ahh’ song?

Barbie’s banner came so popular that she decided to turn it into a song.

The original TikTok by Barbie has garnered over 26 million views and 3 million likes since it was first posted on September 10, 2022.

A many days latterly, she posted the full interpretation of her song on YouTube.

The song was produced by JACKBOIBAY of GeekSquad Boyz.

Tate went as far as to add her own rap verse to it through the TikTok duet point.

Since also, celebrities like Bebe Rexha have joined in on the trend by adding in their ownmini-verses.

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